dated October 27, 1953: Dr. Prasad on the U.N.

"Wars are born in the minds of men. So are goodwill and friendship, tolerance, and understanding among nations. The United Nations and its various organs can play a important, even decisive, part in furthering goodwill and understanding," said Dr. Rajendra Prasad in a message broadcast from All India Radio on the eve of the United Nations Day. The President continued, "India joins the rest of peace-loving mankind in celebrating the eighth anniversary of the birth of the U.N. It came into being in 1945, when the ravages of World War II were fresh in people's mind. It provides means of focussing the conscience of the world on the causes of war, poverty and economic disequilibrium, exploitation of one group of people by another, and lack of understanding and tolerance. The establishment of the Economic and Social Council, the Trusteeship Council, and the drawing up of the Charter of Human Rights are some of the means by which the United Nations sets about to eliminate the causes of war. It is our duty to strengthen the U.N. in spite of its short-comings, and to ensure its continued existence in the cause of cooperation and peace. No nation has a greater stake in peace than India. We are trying to harness our forces in the wake of our Independence to build up a brave new world by constructive planning and by determined effort to eliminate poverty and want."

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