dated October 12, 1954: Homage to Gandhiji

The President, Dr. Rajendra Prasad has said he is not happy to stay in the palatial Rashtrapati Bhavan. Unveiling a bronze statue of Mahatma Gandhi at Azad Park in New Delhi on October 11, he said it was not altogether impossible for man to achieve happiness without the usual paraphernalia which passed for man's everyday necessaries. "This is exactly what is meant by the adage: Simple living and high thinking. It was by practising this truth that Mahatma Gandhi could enjoy in his hut the happiness which a humble follower of his is unable to have even in the palatial Rahstrapati Bhavan," the President said. The statue of Gandhiji is set on a forty-foot high white sand stone column and shows the Mahatma in a walking posture with a bamboo stick in hand. The unveiling ceremony was watched among others by Prime Minister Nehru and Mr. Sham Nath, President of the Delhi Municipal Committee.

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