dated October 12, 1954: Chou's complaint to U.N.

The Chinese Premier, Mr. Chou En-lai, cabled the UN headquarters on October 11, requesting that seven instances of U.S. "aggression" over Formosa be brought before the General Assembly in the interests of safeguarding international peace and security. Mr. Chou warned: "Taiwan is a sacred and inviolable part of Chinese territory. Its occupation by the U.S. or any attempt to separate it from China in the name of neutralisation or U.N. trusteeship will never be permitted." According to the New China News Agency, Mr. Chou's seven charges are: Formosa has been under direct U.S. military control since June 1950, U.S. military advisory groups have trained nationalist Chinese forces for extending aggression, huge sums of money in military and economic aid have been given to the Nationalists, Nationalist attacks on the Chinese mainland have been "instigated and supported" by America, the U.S. has helped the Nationalists to detain Communist Chinese ships, the U.S. planes have intruded into Communist China's territorial air, inflicting great losses in life and property, and the U.S. has "whipped together a South-East Asia military bloc directed principally against China."

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