dated November 30, 1954: Viet Nam General sacked

Bao Dai, Head of the State of Viet Nam, on November 29 signed a decree, relieving General Nguyen Van Hinh of his functions as Chief of Staff of the Viet Namese Army. Bao Dai thus came down decisively on the side of the Viet Namese Premier, Ngo Dinh Diem, in the latter's conflict with General Hinh, who accuses the Government of letting things go from bad to worse in South Viet Nam by failing to provide an effective alternative to Communism. The conflict came to a head on September 11 when Ngo Dinh Diem ordered General Hinh to take six months' leave of absence in France and the General refused to go. General Hinh arrived in Paris on November 21, summoned by Bao Dai. Announcing the dismissal, the Bao Dai Cabinet said the Head of State had summoned the forty-year-old General to Paris in the hope that he "would understand that obedience to the Government, the first duty of every citizen, is even more incumbent on the Chief of the Army to prevent the birth of factions or clans harmful to the rallying of the nation."

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