dated November 25, 1952: Measures against Mau Mau terrorism

Sweeping powers to deal severaly with Mau Mau insurgents were announced in Nairobi, Kenya, on the 24th. A Government spokesman said that the new regulations would cut through cumbersome procedures of ordinary law and enable terrorists and their supporters to be thwarted speedily and effectively. Where a district officer felt that the residents of his area had not made reasonable efforts to prevent crime, the escape of criminals and the extending of support to any illegal group, he would invoke the new regulations to confiscate cattle and vehicles of the residents, pull down the shutters on shops, markets and other trading centres for as long as 14 days and forcibly evacuate homes. After such action, the Governor alone could decide, in each case, whether seized property was to be released, or be forfeited to Government. The new regulations also empowered officials to order resident labourers off farm, forest and railway lands, as penalty for supporting the insurgents.