dated November 16, 1956: Premiers on task ahead

If the Afro-Asian countries which participated in the Bandung Conference and other nations which believe firmly in peace stuck to their ideals and persevered in their efforts to avoid war at all costs they could succeed in their task of establishing permanent peace. This faith was expressed by the Prime Ministers of Indonesia, Burma and Ceylon while addressing the members of both Houses of Parliament in New Delhi on November 14. The visiting Premiers were loudly cheered as they entered the hall led by Prime Minister Nehru. The Speaker, Mr. Ananthasayanam Iyengar, who presided, hoped that in their great task of relieving tension in the world the Prime Ministers would achieve success. The Indonesian Prime Minister, Dr. Ali Sastroamidjoji, expressed confidence that the very fact that the four Prime Ministers of the Colombo Powers were meeting in Delhi would itself bring the hope to nations, big and small, that conflicts could be avoided. The Burmese Prime Minister, U Ba Swe, who spoke in Burmese, said that the UN had been able to take prompt action and its deliberations and decisions revealed a common desire shared by nations that war should be avoided.

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