dated November 16, 1955, there being no issue of the paper dated November 15: Nehru's 66th birthday

India celebrated the 66th birthday of Prime Minister Nehru as the National Children's Day on November 14. It coincided with Diwali and was of special significance to children who in spectacular parades, fairs and rallies expressed their love for Chacha Nehru. At his residence in Delhi thousands of men, women and children gathered in the forecourt and conveyed their greetings to Mr. Nehru, who spent over two hours amidst the people. Later in the day, the Prime Minister attended a children's festival of dance, music and drill at the National Stadium. He released a white pigeon - a sign of peace, prosperity and freedom - and as he did so the children released 66 more, symbolising his 66th birthday. Reports of celebrations of the day have been coming from all over the country. In Bombay, speaking at a flag salutation ceremony, Mr. S.K. Patil, Bombay PCC President, said that no man in the last 200 years had enjoyed such world-wide popularity as Mr. Nehru. In Madras, free film shows and distribution of sweets were arranged for children. Prayers were also offered in some temples. In his hometown of Allahabad, a procession of music parties started from Jawahar Square near his ancestral residence, where he was born, and went through the city terminating at the Swaruprani Park, named after his mother. Sixty-six lighted balloons were flown and an equal number of rockets discharged to mark the occasion. The people of Srinagar celebrated the birthday with great enthusiasm. Addressing a children's rally, the Chief Minister of Kashmir, Bakshi Ghulam Mohammed, called upon them to take a lesson from Mr. Nehru's life.

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