dated, November 1, 1952: The Red Cross

Excerpts from editorial comments on the Red Cross, to the Standing Commission of which international body India's Health Minister, Rajkumari Amrit Kaur, had been elected: "Wherever there is human suffering there the Red Cross Society tries to be, relieving distress as far as it lies in its power, subject to considerations of finance and manpower. All the countries outside the Iron Curtain gratefully acknowledge the benefits derived from this humanitarian organisation, which works without racial, religious, or national bias. India derived much valuable assistance from the Red Cross during the post-partition disturbances, the tribal inroads into once-peaceful Kashmir, earthquakes and floods in Assam, and famine in Rayalaseema and Bihar. Aid through the Red Cross has come to us from countries like Britain, the United States and Switzerland. In South India the Society helps in distributing food supplies, which have been sent from Russia to relieve famine conditions."

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