dated March 4, 1954: Prizes for neo-literates

The Government of India have decided to award 20 prizes for encouraging popular literature. The prizes totalling Rs. 12,500 will be awarded for books in any regional language and in any literary form, which will help neo-literate adults to improve themselves socially and economically and create in them a scientific outlook on life, at the same time preserving the values of Indian civilisation. A press note issued by the Union Ministry of Education says a special committee had been set up for the assessment of the literature. Any book, which is adjudged of sufficient merit, will be approved and 1,000 copies of it purchased for distribution to community projects. The first five books will carry a prize of Rs. 1,000 each and the remaining 15 books Rs. 500 each. The committee, which will announce the prizes on October 2, will also encourage the translation of approved books from regional languages into Hindi.