dated March 18, 1955: Roosevelt's proposals

The U.S. President, Mr. Roosevelt, secretly proposed to Marshal Stalin in 1945 that Hong Kong should be handed over to China. But he knew that the British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill, would have strong objections. Roosevelt also proposed a trusteeship for Indo-China instead of giving it back to the French and a trusteeship for Korea without British participation. Marshal Stalin said he thought the British should be invited to the Korea trusteeship, instead of just Russia, China and the United States, as Mr. Roosevelt proposed. "Mr. Churchill might kill us if the British were not invited," Marshal Stalin said. These revelations were contained in the secret papers of the conferences on a post-war settlement between Marshal Stalin, Sir Winston Churchill and President Roosevelt at Yalta in February 1945. The State Department released the 500,000-word documents under strong Congressional pressure on March 16. The U.S. Government published the documents at short notice after exchanges with the British Government which had declared itself opposed to disclosing the vital documents so soon after the event.

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