dated June 14, 1955: PM tours Soviet Republics

Crimea literally spread a magnificent carpet, of multi-coloured carnations and roses to welcome Prime Minister Nehru when he arrived at Yalta on June 12. Flowers, children and cheering crowds, which delight and enthuse Mr. Nehru, were there to greet him wherever he went. In Simferopol, an important town in Ukraine, where he landed on June 12, the entire population, a quarter million, turned up with flowers and lined the streets as he drove past in an open car to Yalta. Those who could not get near enough to present Mr. Nehru with the bouquets, showered them with affection on him and his daughter, Mrs. Indira Gandhi. One hour's drive brought Mr. Nehru to the small Black Sea coastal town of Alushta, where a holiday crowd, sunbathing on the shore, gave him a full throated ovation. Mr. Nehru boarded a state yacht, Angara, which took him to Yalta. En route, he made a brief halt at Artek, another coastal town, where were camping the Young Pioneers of the Soviet Union, a national organisation of what may be described as baby Communists.

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