dated January 4, 1953: Coins an Aid to History

From the Editorials: "Numismatics, the collection and study of coins, is not a `frivolous work of polished idleness,' but an important branch of history. Supplementing epigraphy and archaeology, it lights many a dark corner in history's treasure-house. Dr. Gyani, presiding over the forty-second annual conference of the Numismatic Society of India at Gwalior, has pointed out that coins are the only evidence on certain ancient rulers in Indian history. The Society has encouraged the systematic study of old coins and medals being discovered in various parts of India. Eager amateurs are lending willing help. Dr. Gyani has done well in calling upon the Conference not to neglect the coins of former Princely States which, since their merger with the Indian Union, have discontinued minting them. We owe it to generations to come to conserve and classify this steadily dwindling material."

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