dated January 14, 1956: Language study in schools

One of the most important decisions taken by the All-India Council for Secondary Education, which concluded its second meeting at New Delhi on January 11, was a resolution - accepted unanimously - recommending a modification of the syllabus of studies formulated by the Secondary Education Commission. The Council resolved that all pupils in secondary schools should be required to study three languages in accordance with the following formula: (1) The mother-tongue, or the regional language, or a composite course of the mother tongue and a classical language or a composite course of the mother tongue and the regional language; (2) Hindi or English and (3) a modern Indian language other than the one taken under (1) or (2). The result of this recommendation would be that every secondary school pupil would have the opportunity of studying the mother tongue either independently or in association with the regional language as well as English and Hindi. Pupils in Hindi-speaking areas would similarly have the opportunity of studying their mother tongue, English and one other Indian language, thus making for a better understanding of the composite culture of India.

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