dated December 8, 1953: Youth Must Build New India

Delivering the Convocation Address of Delhi University, Vice-President Dr. S. Radhakrishnan wanted Universities to attract and retain the best talent by giving teachers salary and facilities on par with members of the Indian Administrative Service. The Vice-President said, "We want the best minds in the teaching profession. Otherwise, our experiment in democracy may fail, and future leadership also go astray." Touching on other points he said, "Inattention to culture in universities is one of the factors for the increasing unrest among students. For you, the outgoing graduates, we cannot hold out prospects of glittering prizes and comfortable positions, but you will have plenty of opportunities for silent, unobtrusive work and constructive service. I must say with great regret that I do not find among the youth of the country — not all the youth, but the large part of it — that exhilaration of spirit, release of energy, and buoyancy which characterised our liberation movement. We seem to have lost the inspiration of a great purpose after we attained Independence. We are free country only for the last six or seven years. There were many who foretold in 1947 that this country would break into bits, administration would be disorganized, there would be no rule of law, no security of life and property, and that we would not be able to survive the effects of Partition. All such critics have been thoroughly confounded. In the international world our reputation for integrity, independence, and love of peace is now quite high. But we have to realise that what we have done in independent India is little compared to what has yet to be done. It is the duty of you graduates to enlist the energy, enthusiasm, and sympathy of all young men to bring about a great India — a nation rid of caste and outcaste, where women are treated equal with men, and where we live as friends with other nations. We are passing through a revolutionary period in history... ''

Dr. Radhakrishnan's half-an-hour extempore speech was cheered at several points by the big audience.

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