dated December 26, 1956: Task ahead of writers

Mr. C. Rajagopalachari said in New Delhi on December 24 that writers and authors had a spontaneous loyalty to the powers that be in every country and this spontaneous loyalty was as effective as State imposition of ideas. Addressing the Asian Writers' Conference at Vigyan Mandir, he said this loyalty was not imposed on them. "It affects your writings and it is no less effective than the imposition of ideas on writers and authors. We are more or less suffering from the same difficulties all over the world. Let us remember our difficulties and help one another." Mr. Rajagopalachari said there were people who controlled the affairs of men, controlled soldiers, politicians and writers as well. This should be remembered when we criticised one another. "There is no use in looking down on people, who are subject to that kind of control, because it is outside their own control. It is not of their own making. They have to submit in many countries to such control. We should not therefore look down upon them but sympathise with them. We should mix with them and give them courage." Cautioning against a sense of superiority in India in this matter, he said, "I am speaking as an Indian. Nobody controls my writing. There is nobody to tell our writers in India what to write. But while I may feel happy over that state of affairs, we ought not to be arrogant about it. We must understand the difficulties of other people."

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