dated August 27, 1953: Getting Ready for Andhra Inauguration

The Prime Minister of India was to be present at the ceremonial inauguration of Andhra State at Kurnool on October 1. Arrangements for the inauguration were expected to be finalised by the first week of September. In view of the paucity of facilities to accommodate high personalities at Kurnool the number of invitation had to be limited. The Andhra Affairs Department in the Secretariat in Madras was busily engaged on various important tasks in preparation for October 1. M.T. Raju, I.C.S., Director of Industries, who has been appointed Joint Secretary (Public), Andhra Affairs, assumed charge on the afternoon of the 26th. He had the task of arranging to move offices to, and accommodating personnel in, the new capital, where the Special Collector of Kurnool, Mr. C. Narasimhan, had already started work to open three canteens for administrative staff that would be moving in. In addition to furniture and equipment sent from Madras, new items were to be purchased for the Andhra State Secretariat scheduled to function in Kurnool.

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