dated August 19, 1956: Film Production Bureau

Dr. B.V. Keskar, Minister for Information and Broadcasting, stated in the Lok Sabha on August 18 that the Government would shortly set up a Production Bureau which would advise film producers on the scripts. The Government were also considering the question of setting up a Film Finance Corporation to help in the production of good films and a Bill to give effect to this was likely to be brought up in the next session. Dr. Keskar said the Bill under preparation would provide for the establishment of a National Film Board and a Production Bureau. The Bureau would examine the scripts before films were produced. He said the Government were not keen on controlling or regulating the industry. It was not easy either to have such control implemented. At the same time, the Government felt that some check or control was essential in the national interest. There was no doubt about the need for some checks in a country which was being planned as a welfare state. In a country like India, such a means of mass communication, entertainment and education could not be left completely free in private hands to produce anything they liked.

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