dated April 10, 1953: The pill and the bomb

From the Editorials: Lovers of the natural life may deplore the ubiquity of tablet, pill and capsule. But the proprietary pill flourishes, despite doctors' denunciations. It takes all human weakness for its province and is a panacea for every condition. The modern army marches on its stomach sustained by multi-vitamin pills. And now we are threatened with another marvel a pill to confer immunity against the effects of the atom bomb. The scientists have invented this big pill — how big, it is not stated — but, judging by the cost of 30 shillings, it might be as big as a billiard ball to give one the satisfaction of getting value for money. All that you have to do is to take this pill just before the atom bomb goes off. It is not perhaps as simple as it sounds, since atom bombs are not in the habit of giving advance notice of their intentions. And a pill of that sort may not lend itself to the routine of precautionary dosage every half hour. The confident self-medicator who tries this new pill as a precaution might be plain dead of surfeit before the atom bomb has a chance of getting at him! Thus may be once again be verified the truth of the lines.