dated November 21, 1958: New regime in Sudan

Omdurman (Sudan) Radio said on November 19 that the United Kingdom Government has recognised the new regime in the Sudan. The Radio said the Sudanese Foreign Minister, Mr. Ahmed Kheir, received the British Ambassador, who “informed him of the recognition of the new regime in the Sudanese Republic by the Government of the United Kingdom.” Omdurman Radio also said that Ethiopia had recognised the new regime. The United States has decided to recognise the Sudanese Government, official sources said in Washington on November 18. The new Sudanese regime announced that it will fulfil all Sudan’s obligations towards the United Nations and the Arab League. The new regime will also accept all conventions and agreements signed by the Sudan since it achieved independence on January 1, 1956. An official announcement said the existing laws and regulations would be continued until “further amendments or changes” were made.

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