dated May 20, 1959: Sankara’s philosophy

Explaining that Sankara’s philosophy constituted a completely uncompromising monism, the appeal of which became far greater with Einstein’s discovery that “matter and energy are interchangeable,” Mr. Arthur Isenberg, Technical Consultant to the Southern Languages Book Trust, giving an exposition of the Sankara’s system of philosophy in the special Sankara Jayanti broadcast programme relayed from the Madras Station of the A.I.R., on May 13, asserted that “it is assuredly worth studying” and that he had found in it “a framework which can readily accommodate my experience of life and such facts and bits of knowledge as I have been able to gather.” Mr. Isenberg said: “True, Advaita Vedanta is earlier than Sankara; his genius showed itself in the incisive manner in which he provided logical consistency and cohesion for the concepts and propositions formulated by his predecessors.”

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