dated March 9, 1957: B.G. Kher dead

We record with deep regret the death of Mr. B.G. Kher, veteran Congress leader, in Poona on March 8. He had a sudden heart attack and expired at a nursing home. Born in very humble circumstances (his grandfather was a postal runner) in 1888, Bal Gangadhar Kher became a man of destiny being chosen to be the first Chief Minister of Bombay Province. Known for his genial and unfailing good nature and keen sense of humour he had won the respect and esteem of Congressmen from Gandhiji downwards. Mr. Kher's political career began in 1922 and he was chosen as Secretary of the Bombay branch of the Swarajya Party. He had his full share of prison life, the common lot of all freedom fighters, during the civil disobedience movement and the Quit India struggle.

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