dated March 16, 2010: Basic unity of religion

Dr. S. Radhakrishnan said in Madras on March 15 that religion was something which could not be destroyed by the mere pulling down of temples or the confiscation of their property or by getting rid of the priests. There was a basic hunger in the human self which longed for “completeness”. He was speaking on the occasion of the release of the publication entitled, “A Seminar on Saints” by the Union for the Study of the Great Religions (India) in Madras on March 16. The book contains the proceedings of the second annual seminar conducted by the Union in Madras in 1958. Dr. Radhakrishnan said: “It is true that at the present moment when the world has become a very small place, it is necessary for us to dissipate the misunderstanding and intolerance. It is possible for us to go round the world in a few hours. If any kind of outbreak happens, it will not result in victory for anybody, but it will involve the whole world in general destruction. So it is necessary for us to invoke the highest aspirations of man to bring about world understanding, develop world conscience and see to it that the barriers, psychological and spiritual, which separate nations, are pulled down.”