dated March 16, 1957: Jarring's talks in Karachi

Mr. Gunnar V. Jarring, the Swedish diplomat on a United Nations mission to find a solution for the Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan, had talks lasting about two-and-half hours on March 15 with leaders of the Pakistan Government in Karachi. The talks, which took place at the official residence of the Prime Minister, Mr. Suhrawardy, were also attended by Mr. Feroze Khan Noon, Foreign Minister, Mr. M. S. A. Baig, Foreign Secretary, and two other officials of the Foreign Office. A Pakistan official said later, "Most of the talking was done by Mr. Suhrawardy, who reviewed the Kashmir situation starting from Partition (of the sub-continent)." According to this official, Mr. Jarring asked a few questions and called for a few maps and documents. As per the tentative programme, Mr. Jarring would continue his talks in Karachi till about March 22 before leaving for New Delhi the next day. It is not yet known if he would visit the Pakistan-held Kashmir area or tribal areas as desired by the Pakistan Government.