dated June 23, 1958: Tackling Malaria

A Malaria Eradication Week is being observed from June 23 to June 30 with a view to eliciting public co-operation in this regard. Dr. C. Mani, WHO Regional Director for South East Asia, writes on this occasion:

From the days of ancient Romans who sought to drain marshy lands and rid them of “pestilential vapours” to the organised insecticide spraying campaigns of to-day it is a long story of human endeavour to combat the dread scourge of malaria. While malaria has been known to be the curse of mankind from the beginnings of history, it was only in the XVII Century that for the first time an effective remedy for it was discovered. However, hopes of controlling malaria raised by the discovery of quinine proved short-lived. The task would be impossible even with the more advanced anti-malarial drugs available to-day.

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