dated June 2, 1958: Care of Adivasis

Mr. Govind Ballabh Pant, Union Home Minister, speaking at a tribal residential school in Coonor, near Ootacamund on May 31, said that the Adivasis had been neglected in the past and therefore all efforts should be directed towards rehabilitating them socially and economically. Mr. Pant said that work for the betterment of the Adivasis should be given national importance and that their level had to be raised. In the past they had been neglected in every sphere. They owed allegiance to Gandhiji, who not only gave lead in the political field, but also in the social and cultural life. Therefore, each one owed a duty to tribal people for their social and cultural uplift.

“I want people who can dedicate themselves to the work of uplift of Adivasis. I prefer the Ashram type of schools because in such schools, workers dedicated to the cause can be trained,” Mr. Pant said. He pointed out that whatever they might do for economic development of Adivasis, they should take care not to disturb their culture and way of life. ‘Let people go among them as servants and well-wishers, but not as patrons or men with some high moral order.”

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