dated June 11, 1958: Commonwealth relations

The Earl of Home, Secretary for Commonwealth Relations, at the annual conference of the Commonwealth Press Union in London on June 9 said that truth and tolerance was the mood of the Commonwealth peoples. He said: “If I interpret the Commonwealth people alright, they have had their fill in the last years of passions, of prejudice, of violence and of false Gods, and truth and tolerance is their mood.” It was their desire that in these matters the Commonwealth should set an example to the whole world. If the Commonwealth building is to be built on truth, that building can only be completed by tolerance,” he said. It was important that those in positions of responsibility should hold before them the necessity of treating Commonwealth problems with tolerance. After the turmoil of the first half of this century and the convulsion in moral and ethical values which it had brought in its wake, the ordinary peoples of the world were seeking passionately for the truth.