dated January 2, 1958: Lenin Prize for C.V. Raman

Dr. Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman, Indian physicist and Nobel Prize winner, is one of the seven persons who have been awarded the International Lenin Prize for “strengthening peace between the peoples.” The recipients of the awards announced on December 31 by the Committee for International Lenin Prizes, according to Tass, the Soviet news agency, include a Ceylon Buddhist priest who volunteered to go to Christmas Island in protest against the British hydrogen bomb test there. The other winners are: Emmanuel Dastier of La Vigerie, of France, “one of the first participants in the world peace movement”; Senora Maria Rosa Oliver, the Argentine journalist, “well known for her part in the world peace movement”; the Soviet poet, Nikolai Tikhanov, Chairman of the Soviet Peace Committee; the Italian writer, Danilo Dolci, “active in the struggle against military blocs and for the prohibition of atom and hydrogen weapons” and Heinrich Brandweiner, Professor of International and Church Law in Graz University, “active in the Austrian peace movement.”

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