dated April 24, 1959: Union official language

In an exclusive interview to The Hindu on April 23, Mr. C. Rajagopalachari said he felt glad that at least one member of the Parliamentary Committee on Official Language had realised the most dangerous consequence of doing away with English in favour of Hindi at the Centre and expressed the hope that the Prime Minister would find his way to give effect to “his own best thoughts in spite of the pressure of fanatics who ignored the feelings and the rights of people who did not speak Hindi.” Asked for his reaction to the Committee’s report, which was released on April 22, Rajaji remarked, “The one medium of efficient communication at the disposal of all parts of India is English and will continue to be English. If this important element in national life is eliminated, we can only expect disintegration. I am glad that Mr. Frank Anthony has realised this and has emphatically expressed it.” Rajaji pointed out that English was the shell that protected their national unity.

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