Antidote to evil

CHENNAI: Bhakti as a means to Mukti is the essence of the Bhagavata Purana and Sage Vyasa composed this text with the sole aim of revealing the path of devotion to humanity so that each Jivatma, whatever be his status or learning, could strive to reach God. While it is doubtful that God can be easily attained in one's heart by other means, He can be instantly realised when those who hear expositions of this text that extol His glory get drawn towards His most auspicious qualities and develop love and devotion to Him, said Sri K. V. Seshadrinatha Sastrigal in a lecture.

Spiritual tradition stresses the difficulty in grappling esoteric truths regarding the transcendent Reality because these are beyond the scope of human intelligence and advocates the possibility of imbibing and inferring them from preceptors, scriptures and the Puranas.

The inherent charm in the descent of the Lord who enacts and takes part in the human drama by dint of His Maya is a source of inspiration for those who listen to the stories. The exploits of the Lord become more and more delightful to hear and savour at every step.

In the age of Kali, it is difficult to maintain a pure heart and adhere to dharma. The temptations of the age being such, the need to strengthen the sinews of virtue is of paramount importance. The truth of Lord Krishna purifies the heart and is an antidote to the evils of Kali Yuga.

It is possible to eradicate evil tendencies through the constant service of His devotees and through the study of this text. Automatically, lust, greed and other related passions are driven away and only love for the Lord remains.

Perceiving God in all aspects of creation including oneself, one is able to dispel ignorance and develop compassion to all. Loving devotion to the Lord rids one of all worldly attachments.

The highest duty for the Jivatma is to attain that purity and this is dependent on devotion to Lord Krishna.

The true nature of Bhakti is elusive and the Bhagavata Purana advocates Prema Bhakti. This is characterised by extreme love to God without any expectation. This absolute and motiveless devotion brooks no obstruction either.

One has to be immersed in total devotion to the Lord to purify the soul.

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