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Nehru's assurance

At his monthly Press conference held on August 11, Prime Minister Nehru referred to apprehensions in the South over the official language question and the President's order, and reiterated, “There is going to be no imposition of Hindi and English will continue as an additional or an associate language for all-India purposestill such time, as the non-Hindi people want to change it.” Mr. Nehru said there was no difference between the Government's mind and the President's mind. The President himself had said this. He did not think the President's order was vague. On the other hand, it was perfectly clear. The Prime Minister said, “I have not got the President's order before me. But I had the privilege of seeing it before it was issued. I saw no contradiction in it to the attitude that I had taken up in Parliament.”

Need for Western unity

Britain and West Germany declared in a joint communiqué on August 11 in Bonn that unity of the “free world” and keeping the peace were their supreme aims, and the solution of other problems must serve those aims. In a final communiqué winding up talks here between Chancellor Adenauer and British Premier Macmillan, both statesmen stressed the need for close collaboration between non-Communist nations. Both Government chiefs agreed on the need to find a solution to the problems arising from the existence of two European (economic) groups in Europe, the communiqué added.

Vinoba Bhave

Acharya Vinoba Bhave, Sarvodaya leader, has accepted the offer of the Madhya Pradesh Government to help him set up an ashram for himself at Indore and to establish an all-India Sarvodaya workers' training centre. Mr. Sajja Sangh Vishnar, Deputy Minister of Madhya Pradesh, told pressmen in Indore on August 10 that Government had decided to handover to Acharya Bhave free of cost six acres of land and old building in Navlakha area in the city. Acharya Bhave will perform the opening ceremony of the Ashram on Independence Day. He is likely to move into the new building on August 20 and remain there for four days before leaving for Kasturbagram.

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