This Day That Age - dated August 6, 1960: The Hindu fifty years ago

Land reforms in India

Mr. Gulzarilal Nanda, Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission, said in New Delhi on August 5 that he was not quite satisfied with what had been done by way of implementation of land reforms but he could not accept the extreme view that nothing had been achieved. Addressing the Land Reforms Panel of the Planning Commission, Mr. Nanda said: “We have to take into account the complexities of the problem and the inheritance of the past. Far-reaching changes could not be achieved overnight.” A Press release said that Mr. Nanda emphasised the twin aspects of the land reforms policy of the Government, social justice and the reorganisation of the agrarian pattern in the country.

External degrees

Dr. K.L. Shrimali, Minister for Education, said in the Lok Sabha on August 5 that “while it is not possible to offer facilities for collegiate education to all candidates regardless of the standards achieved by them, the Government are aware of the need for providing some opportunities for attaining higher academic qualifications to those who are not able to pursue normal, full-time courses of instruction.” He said that “to this end the question of introducing external degrees as in some universities of the West, and correspondence courses are under consideration.”

From August 1 to 7, 1910

Authichudi: Of the several works which goes under the authorship of the great Tamil poetess Avvai, the Authichudi is one. The aphorisms contained in this booklet have become household sayings in Tamilnad. They are universally admired and except in Upanishads, we can find no parallel in brevity and simplicity of style. The treasures of wisdom contained in these familiar sayings are excellently brought out in the commentary of one Mr. Muthukumaraswamy Chettiar who appears under the Nom de plume of an “Anban” on the title page. His commentary tries to make clear the literal as well as the implied meanings, with parallel quotations from other works. It is cheaply priced annas 6 and can be had of Vadivelu Mudaliar, No. 26, Perianna Mudaly Street, George Town.

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