The Hindu Crossword 9919


1Damage drum on the lawn with beach plants (6,5)

9Carbon in box replaced by phosphorus? That is foolish talk! (5)

10Recognises goodwill in conversation on the bridge (9)

11Against the removal of the 101 outdated… (5)

12… snack recipes detailed imperfectly in an industrial research centre (7,4)

13Flip light in front of the quarter and slip away (6)

14Power to exile Democrat in an American state to a Brazilian city (7)

18Feel better about the commanding officer with the priest in retreat (7)

20View facing the box office pavilion (6)

24The French smuggling example is critical (in retrospective) for lawmaking (11)

26Egyptian deity's internal turmoil about prescribed times for doing business (5)

27Somehow ruin peace of the gourmet (9)

28Garden nuisance contributing to malaise (5)

29Thrower sent out in the wind (11)


1Cater to the curate (8)

2Banish external plan that suggested looking back (9)

3Wild spaniel found in the ornamental mountain plants (7)

4Fatheads with counterfeit degrees kick the doctor out (5)

5Cooperative can be improved, if heartless (8)

6Page taking out new canvas shoe for the orator (7)

7Auditor's footwear on the church plate (5)

8Serious actors may covet such roles (5)

15The chairman is Pondicherry's leading citizen (9)

16Feudal lord's badge protects Oriental on the northbound French street (8)

17Grove Ron maintained for the superintendent (8)

19Stains not initially present on the family's waterproof cloth (7)

21Beer bottled in Saudi Arabia and Russia, generally (2,1,4)

22Headmaster? (5)

23Tendering such money may put one behind bars (5)

25Transmit holograph partially to the metal worker (5)

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