The Hindu Crossword 9914


1By which the grave tidings came? (6,7)

8Deserved to be on the sea in France before the tide turns (7)

9Scene of military activity where the Territorial retreat before regular soldiers (7)

11Push learner for a scoop (6)

13Sarcastic way to press one small American state (8)

15Register a horse for a race (5)

16Friends accepted as being institutionalised (7)

18Italian state where one is surrounded by wine and beer containers (7)

19Susie's undisciplined children (5)

21On Agra road, Scot takes over management of land (8)

23The French sees to the contract for renting a house (6)

25Pushing briskly (7)

26He is ostracised, but not in theatrical company (7)

28The fish that's reeled in? (6,7)


2Meaning to turn up with the right drink (7)

3Become weak to go up the hill (3)

4Not correct to edit with a flood of feeling (4)

5There may be no work to do in it (10)

6Girl then reveals old form relating to tenant of the Crown (5)

7Information about events placed on board (7)

8That's the beauty of Britain (4,7)

10It lets one see the bigger picture (11)

12Be sorry not to start getting the bird (5)

14Paid for it by being fired (10)

17Fare for journey to the East (5)

18After green I proceed despite suffering from giddiness (7)

20To support the mark, America steps in (7)

22Incursions by the police? (5)

24Anyway Pedro has no right to become an idiot (4)

27May find art in Jack (3)

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