The Hindu Crossword 9749

Nita Jaggi


 1 Extremists regularly fear the new acts developed ingeniously in the beginning (8)

 5 Encourage the sailor to eat out in the afternoon (4)

 9 Small articles on sovereignty initially in the eastern vicinity of the capital city (8)

10 Duration of a programme (6)

12 University that may offer independent education through correspondence (4)

13 Sound of which vehicle? (10)

15 Train Peter in to change the way the past is perceived (14)

17 Take care to cut short an answer of one with limitless calibre (14)

21 Supplementary notice of the detailed validation does not have a sign (10)

22 Sudama’s humble offering to the Lord! (4)

25 Write-up again to see (6)

26 Initially have a look right in the borders of Chile for the gas (8)

27 Said to look at the location (4)

28 Muslim leader is right in front of a gangster going back to the capital city (8)


 1 Politician is out of the commotion in the merger (6)

 2 Look after the money when small change gets replaced by a note (5)

 3 The Spanish name for the Tagus river (4)

 4 Hide the man finally in the car in Uttar Pradesh (5,2)

 6 They may be put up at fairs organised for publishers (10)

 7 Special kind of person will start talking to the minister anyhow (9)

 8 Joint in the side of the wood (5)

11 Animal spot (4)

14 Behaviour is right for the workers in the warehouse (10)

16 Proceeded gingerly with ease after four plunges (9)

18 Black dust left out of the machines taken up (4)

19 Friendly gesture in a dominant position (4,3)

20 Hidden device from the public eye for security reasons (6)

21 Kitchen garment is out in Paris stitched with the number upside down (5)

23 Language is the first option for the girl (5)

24 Two pairs are on time (4)

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