The Hindu Crossword 9591

Nita Jaggi


 7 Cosmetic Elizabeth put on the mouth part is returned to the actor somehow leaving Cuba (8)

 9 Written contracts that one’s left for the security force (6)

11 Go down in the pitch darkness after dusk (9)

12 French city sheltering English girl (5)

13 Legendary potion able to prolong life indefinitely (6)

14 Vitamin for the girl is regularly usable twice a year (8)

17 Contraceptive graph is not right inside the maid going back (9)

22 Think tank of an intelligent person (5,3)

23 Worker to let out an insect (6)

25 Build a den around the French animal (5)

27 General is back with the heads of the Other Territories in Iowa to take a note to discuss the terms (9)

28 Fifty-one start off to go further down to avoid detection by the police (3,3)

29 Vessels with containers (8)


 1 Wander in a leisurely way (7)

 2 Traveller is single in Poland, without any hope (7)

 3 Start to conduct a test for the crab’s eggs (5)

 4 ’The ….. rains out her beams, and Heaven is overflow’d’ (Shelley) (4)

 5 It covers one escaping the law (7)

 6 Discloses the several characters (7)

 8 Loss of personnel in a race on Rhode Island has it mounting up to mostly one (9)

10 Albert and a soldier with hesitation start to sail in the port city (7)

15 Forgotten Nigerian leader has the girl in to be formally chosen (9)

16 First class characteristic to designate (7)

18 Sis-able to resettle from the descent downwards (7)

19 Chief worker is in rage, perhaps (7)

20 He is the one to go away from his wife temporarily (7)

21 American detective is upset, seen out in a military action (7)

24 Marketplace, in the past mostly are going up (5)

26 Day’s opening has no order for an official judgment (4)

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