The Hindu Crossword 9345

Nitaa Jaggi


 8 The act of directing the executive officers of a government (14)

 9 Alberta turns to make a mistake going back with large container (6)

10 Left one with wrong sense of permissible legal documents (8)

11 Return aid to be set back for metabolic disorders (8)

13 Subjects of newspaper copies (6)

14 Largely set her — the Jewish queen of Persia (6)

16 Main head editor for one article situated in the middle (6)

19 Initially, leave a will yet entitled rightly for an attorney (6)

21 Church prayer for blockage of an artery (8)

23 Darkest colour covering for the head of a bad guy (5,3)

24 Seasoning was a second grade head item (6)

26 Bend in a pung urn altered making it operational and ready to use (2,2,3,7)


 1 Rap back a different side of heaven (8)

 2 Oddly get mail read from an Islamic ruler (4)

 3 A Norwegian head king let a piece of jewellery (6)

 4 Futile purpose for tennis player inside the United States (7)

 5 Learn by repetition the customary way of operation (8)

 6 Saint and saint unwell, coming to a complete halt (10)

 7 Company here to stick together (6)

12 Take a shower at the end of the day to almost escape from an underwater diving vessel (10)

15 Trig a hen towards a fastening electrical equipment (8)

17 Son turns to Lincoln back as General Secretary for feeding sacks of animals (8)

18 Loudly cry tune for a hundred years (7)

20 Like back from travel even exemplary leaders put he to rest (6)

22 Social gesture for Bishop to pay what is due (6)

25 Cut off the brightness for the lower leg (4)

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