Spiritual maturity

CHENNAI: In pursuing our goals in life, many of us fail to remember the basic truth that the prime purpose of life is to get engaged in spiritual enquiry that can lead us to liberation from birth. It is ironical that though within each one of us is the immortal soul which is the essence of the Eternal, we fail to recognise it since our worldly preoccupations easily preclude any effort on our part in this direction. Scriptures and sacred texts that deal with these profound matters are thus shelved aside to be studied at a later date. Human beings have the unique capacity to think and analyse and every human being ought to use this faculty to progress spiritually, pointed out Srimati Sunanda in a lecture on the Bhagavad Gita.

The invaluable ideas preserved in scriptures have a contemporary relevance and when applied to daily living can make an individual’s life more meaningful. Arjuna’s plight is symbolic of any individual who is weighed down by despondency when confronted by life’s predicaments. Though renowned and respected as one of the greatest warriors and a commander-in-chief of the Pandava army, Arjuna pondered on the futility of war when he faced the elders, friends and relatives in the enemy camp. In this hopeless situation, Arjuna turned to Lord Krishna for help and advice. Lord Krishna asks Arjuna to introspect on the “changeless” and the “perennial” aspect of life and not grieve for that which is fleeting. A focus on the values of life is necessary for every individual who is subject to life’s challenges and the scientific and logical approach of Lord Krishna’s teachings serve as guidelines to those who do not wish to throw away the opportunity for liberation that human birth offers.

The Lord tells Arjuna of the Stithaprajna or a man of perfection who develops the right attitude to life and work. All actions are motivated by desires and spiritual maturity is gained when one learns to eliminate selfish desires from one’s agenda. Our actions get purified by this practice. Maturity comes when one understands the noble values to be upheld in life. Renunciation is not giving up but aspiring for higher values by rejecting the lower gains pertaining to worldly life.

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