Relief from Samsara

CHENNAI: The purpose of life may vary among individuals as far as worldly aims are concerned; but when it comes to the ultimate aim of life, all have to head towards the same and final destination, liberation. This is not easy to attain and great saints have shown how to divert our mind from worldly actions to God.

The corpus of Tamil devotional literature collectively known as the Tirumurais contains the fervent hymns of the Saivite saints wherein is expressed the highest truth of spiritual wisdom. The profound thoughts of the scriptures find expression in a simple form through the unalloyed devotion of these saints. Sung in praise of the Lord, these hymns have the power to bring about a spiritual awakening in us, said Sri Muthukrishnan in a lecture.

Saints such as Manikkavachagar, Gnanasambandhar, Tirunavukkarasar, Sundaramurthy, Tirumoolar and others were directly inspired by Siva and understood intuitively the truths of reality. They were thus humble with no trace of ego. They show us the resources by which it is possible to get relief from the cycle of birth. While urging mankind to ponder over what causes the bondage in the world, the message that each individual has to unlock the door from within is emphasised. The environment and the relations form the bondage. Their hymns teach people the ways to tear apart the veil of ignorance that ties them down to the world. We have to realise that our Karma is the cause of our birth.

The thrust is on the restless mind that can be calmed by renunciation and practice. We have to fix our minds in God. When the senses dictate the mind, the actions follow the directions and lose track. The mind plays a key role in directing our actions. We have to gain control over the mind.

One way of cutting worldly bondage is to see God in all and serve all with selfless love. We have to remain connected to God in thought, word and deed. To depend on God means total surrender to Him and this alone can help us to overcome the hurdles. By giving up attachment to worldly objects, serving the devout and freeing oneself of the sense of I and Mine, one begins to tread the spiritual path.

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