Knowledge of the Lord

CHENNAI: The inability to distinguish between the real and the unreal or the permanent and the impermanent is due to the effect of Prakriti (Nature) which is inherent in human beings in the form of the three Gunas, Satva, Rajas and Tamas. The deceitful nature of Prakriti causes the transitory nature of the world to appear so convincing that people believe it to be the be all and end all. Worldly life assumes tremendous importance to those who live with material longings and act according to the prompting of the senses.

Under the sway of these Gunas, even the Supreme Lord is not easily recognised. Many even think that praying to the Almighty is a mere waste and that one’s Karma will bring forth the fruits of actions automatically. That is why Lord Krishna tells Arjuna that many are unable to understand His sovereign nature and look upon Him in human form alone, pointed out Sri N. Veezhinathan in a lecture. People tend to ignore and misunderstand Him. The Lord makes it clear that He is not bound by Karma as is the case with ordinary beings. Neither is He limited by His human form. The Lord points out that pure hearts through the effect of good deeds in the past are able to recognise His true eternal nature and engage in constant meditation and spiritual disciplines to attain salvation. They do not succumb to worldly attractions and remain fixed in the worship of God at all times. They understand that He is the sole cause of all creation, sustaining it at all times and containing all of it within Himself at the time of Pralaya. During Krishna Avatar, Arjuna was a privileged friend to Lord Krishna and had Him as his charioteer. But he did not easily recognise His greatness and was given the auspicious vision to view the Lord’s transcendental form. Yasodha had the fortune of being a mother to the Almighty and though she saw the universe in her son’s mouth, she continued to believe that He is still her child.

It does not matter if one chooses to see Him as one with form and attributes (Saguna Brahman) or without form (Nirguna Brahman). As each one matures in spiritual progress, it will become clear by His grace that His forms and attributes are infinite and unending.

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