God’s auspicious traits

CHENNAI: The Supreme Being’s relationship with His creation revolves round the axis of two opposing auspicious traits among the countless that make up His nature. The first is His transcendence which makes Him the omnipotent Lord of the creation, the Absolute Reality. The other is His easy accessibility because of which human beings are able to experience Him in various forms during His incarnations and in images.

In his discourse, Sri M.A.Venkatakrishnan said Andal had drawn attention to these two contrary qualities of the Lord by referring to Him as “Mayan” in the Tiruppavai. He possesses them because of His inscrutable power of Maya with which He hides His divine nature from humanity. During His teaching of the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna told Arjuna, “My divine Maya constituted of the three qualities (Sattva, Rajas and Tamas) is difficult to overcome. Whoever takes refuge in Me alone with total devotion overcomes it.” The reason adduced for the Lord’s accessibility to His devotees is that they would not be able to experience His benevolent qualities in His transcendental abode which is beyond their reach. So His compassion and gracious nature shine in all splendour only here in this world for the sake of His devotees. The example of the relative brightness of a lamp during day and night best illustrates this phenomenon. The Lord’s auspicious qualities manifest more in the world than in His divine abode just as the brilliance of the lamp’s light seems more at night than during day.

Andal further remarks that by His birth as Krishna the Lord brought immortal fame for His foster mother Yashoda. The Azhwars have expressed their wonder at Krishna’s special grace showered on Yashoda. If the bliss of attaining eternal residence in His divine abode is the ultimate that a devotee can enjoy then the joy Yashoda experienced in having Krishna as her son far exceeded that. In the case of His mother Devaki, Krishna not only blessed her and Vasudeva with the vision to behold His divine form immediately after birth but also obeyed her request to withdraw it and appear like a normal human baby when she prayed to Him fearing that Kamsa would harm Him.

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