Experiencing Truth

CHENNAI: Though realisation of God is synonymous with the quest for eternal truth, it is more a personal experience based on faith and inner awareness rather than knowing the truth at an intellectual level. Intellect may give us glimpses of the truth but not the consciousness of the Supreme Being. That is why mere knowledge of the truth expressed in scriptures and sacred texts, fails to convey the experience of realising God while those who have experienced these truths are able to guide the spiritual aspirant more effectively towards the ultimate goal.

Such seers, blessed with the Jnana and experience of the Lord, are known as Tattva Darshis. Vedanta Desika pays homage to the pioneering Acharyas and Azhwars who have plunged deep into these truths and given us the essence in easy terms, pointed out Sri M. V. Anantapadmanabhachariar in a lecture on Daya Satakam. Being the fortunate recipients of the Lord's infinite compassion they have transferred their experiences of the divine in their hymns, teachings and works, and made God more accessible as a fountainhead of compassion who is ever ready to protect the Jivatmas. It is possible to reach God by following the path of the Acharya Parampara that fosters humility, reverence to preceptors, determined effort and selfless service qualities absolutely essential to destroy the ego, and other prejudices that come up as obstacles in the effort to grasp what is enduring.

Sage Parasara is acknowledged as the peerless among seers since he was blessed with the ability to intuitively comprehend the reality without any doubt or error. His words carry the stamp of authenticity as he follows the Vedas meticulously.

The Vishnu Purana, in the form of a dialogue between the sages Parasara and Maitreya, unfolds the truth that Lord Narayana is both the ultimate Truth and the way to it. Similarly, Sage Vyasa asserts in the Mahabharata that the only truth that has been ascertained without any doubt from the deep study of the scriptures is that there is no Sastra greater than the Vedas and no deity superior to Lord Vishnu who is to be sought by all.

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