Zany contests

IT'S ALL part of merchandising game, but the winners are not complaining.

This is the season for Bangaloreans to win prizes in various zany contests organised by electronics and beverages companies.

Timed with the Indo-Pak cricket series, LG Electronics organised a "Khelega Kya" contest with competitors answering questions related to cricket trivia on Indian and Pakistani players.

Iqbal Patel of the city won by exhibiting his cricket knowledge and giving a catchy slogan. Besides prizes, he also gets to play his favourite game, cricket, with Sourav Ganguly and Inzamam-ul-Haq.

The two captains are now seen on television commercials dressed in suits of armour, ready for battle.

In the other contest organised by Pepsico Ltd., Rajarathinam of Indiranagar, an employee of MTR Foods, is richer by Rs. 1 lakh.

He took part in the Pepsi Mystery Card promo; the cards come with soft drink, of course.

By Raghava M.

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