Youth in full bloom

A participant displays her talent at Cul-Aah'

A participant displays her talent at Cul-Aah'  

ACTING TOUGH, the Youth Security Brigade spawned the spirit, the essence of a festival of colours. The self-proclaimed watchdogs of discipline donned the garbs of the adult world, barred doors on what they termed ``trouble makers''. Yet, the festive mood prevailed in parts, the magic of ``Cul-Aah'' seeped through the gates.The usual mishmash of competitions were aplenty. So were the participating students, in their trendy best. Designed to impress, they danced in tandem, sang aloud, sashayed on the Mount Carmel College ramps to music plugged and unplugged. Some, of course, wished the audio sets functioned smoothly and just did their jobs.

At curtains, these winning teams had reason to celebrate: B.M.S. College of Engineering (Anthakshari), Bangalore Medical College (JAM), St. John's Medical College (Dumb Charades), M.E.S. (Indian Classical Music), Jyoti Nivas (Western Dance), St. Anne's (Indian Dance).

By Rasheed Kappan Photos: V.Sreenivasa Murthy

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