Youth can now be `Friends of Police'

Reaching out

Reaching out  

ANY SCHEME or project implemented without the support and participation of beneficiaries cannot be successful. This must be borne in mind while designing any scheme or project, the government officials used to be told at any meeting convened for sensitisation.

Bearing this in mind and realising the limitations within which the police tackle law and order problems, cops are now seeking public support.

The concept of community policing practised successfully in many countries is catching up in Tamil Nadu. The names might be different - Village Vigilance Committes (VVC), City Vigilance Committees (CVC), Friends of Police (FoP) and so on. But the ultimate objective is to supplement the efforts of the police in maintaining law and order besides controlling crime rate. "As the title suggests, public become friends of the police and supplement their efforts by giving your energy and time," the SP appealed to the service-minded youngsters. "Give them the power and see how they conduct themselves, instead of voicing apprehensions," the SP added and advised the youth to refrain from abusing the powers being vested in them in the interest of society.

The Superintendent of Police, Coimbatore Rural District, R. Dhinakaran, launched the scheme at Tirupur for the first time in Coimbatore Rural district by handing over the uniform kit which contained T-Shirts, Cap, Whistle and Lanyard for distinguishing the members of FoP while in public service. The same was received by Inspectors Gopalasamy, Easwaran and Easwaramurthy who under the supervision of the DSP, Maheshwaran, would be implementing the same in the hosiery town which was fast becoming crime-prone because of the affluence and increasing migrant population.

The SP said youth could help the police in night patrol, crowd control during festivals and traffic regulation during peak hours. This would help the police concentrate on tougher tasks.

The Area Commander of the Home Guards, Sivakumar, the RDO, Raju and the Rotary president, Annamalai, member of the Friends of Police, Prasanna and the Bharathiar University professor, D. Padmanabhan spoke on the scope and role of public in helping the police ensure a law-abiding society.

By Palaniappan V S

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