Wise with wisecracks

Funny business - Cyrus with the winners.

Funny business - Cyrus with the winners.  

DON'T CALL me Sir. Call me Uncle," he told the steward who had come to take his order for dinner at Matchpoint, Taj Coromandel. And as an after-thought, the VJ said, "Sorry, this is my job. I'm supposed to be funny."

Cyrus Broacha just couldn't stop talking. Going at a rate of two PJs per minute, the king of wisecracks and MTV Bakra, sure did spend quality time with the winners of the TATA Open Quiz winners on Thursday evening.

"Study less," were his words of wisdom to them. "Question more. Don't let anyone get away, keep questioning." And quietly, he slipped out of the winners' table to answer a few questions as MTV VJ Ramona kept the winners engaged in conversation.

So what's up with Cyrus these days? "Well, MTV, that's it," he says. And there's his new kid Mikhial (not a Bakra joke) who is `two months and five days old' to keep him busy. "I'm so fond of politics and Gorbachev is my favourite politician. But nothing can be done with such a huge country like USSR, so you can't blame him really," he says in a tone that's typically Cyrus Broacha — half jokingly, half serious.

He has no time for theatre and he hasn't made any retirement plans yet. "Once you are a VJ, you become an idiot. Everybody knows you are an idiot. And what plan can an idiot make? I would want to be with MTV for 10-15 years, but they tell me probably another 4-5 months." Joking or serious? Only he knows.

Though he wishes he had time for theatre and radio, Cyrus is sure that there's no money in both. So Cyrus is content doing ads for everything from chocolate to underwear and writing for Asian Age and Mid-day ("Don't ever read my columns," he says), apart from MTV. And any day, he prefers to keep his commitment to the channel than do stereotypes in films. "It's not a 9 to 5 job. If you go late, the show could get delayed, there are people waiting. I want to respect what I do. There has to be purity in work. And anyways, films are yet to come of age. Comedy is still about playing the clown. I don't want to do mainstream films."

Back at the winner's table, VJ Ramona is telling the quiz winners all about their favourite MTV VJs — "Aditya is cute, I've known him even before we became VJs... Nikhil is so fast when he talks that he makes everything look so cool."

Ramona, apart from doing a small cameo in K3G, it turns out, also had a handful of film offers. But what she really wants to do is become a singer some day. "I know I can. There's scope and a lot of hope. I sing in English and there are a couple of things I have done already and you would hear about it soon," she says.

The winners Sreya Raghavan (10th Std. Student from Sri Sankara School), Gayathri Madhavan (III Year, Stella Maris College) and Arjun Balaji (II Year, EEE, Satyabama Engineering college) thought it was fun. "It was not like they were stars, they are very nice," they say.

By Sudhish Kamath

Photo: K.V. Srinivasan

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