Windfall for astrologers

Astrologers in the city are having a field day. The political uncertainty in the capital following the factional feud in the Congress has worked to the advantage of many astrologers.

Several big names in the political arena are seeking the services of astrologers to consult the stars in order to find out what the future holds for them. Many, including policemen and bureaucrats, see opportunity in the turmoil that has gripped the ruling party. Policemen and bureaucrats, a large number of them at that, are seeing astrologers to probe the future in a bid to find out how the dice would roll for them if the present ruling dispensation changes.

Like politicians, many bureaucrats too are hoping for the best. However, for a few it is a time of chaos and despair. Several high-ranking policemen, who are holding relatively less important posts under the Antony Government, are trying to find out whether their lot would improve if the Chief Minister changes.

For astrologers, it has been a windfall. Unlike common people who pay a pittance for a consultation, the rich and powerful are very generous patrons. It is rumoured that some astrologers are paid Rs 1,000 and more for an hour.

By Anand G

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