Who's feeling good?

IS INDIA really `shining'? Can you feel the `feel-good' feeling?

The `India Shining' or `Bharat Uday' is perhaps the first ever Government campaign with a corporate feel.

Grey Worldwide, the agency which conceptualised this winning ad campaign for the NDA Government, indeed has reasons for feeling good, but not so for many others, which include the detractors of the BJP and many women's organisations in the country.

Jyotsna Chatterji, director of the Joint Women's Programme, a Delhi-based women's organisation, says that she is appalled by the campaign which presents only blissful images of young and educated girls, while the majority of women in the country have little to cheer about.

She was here in the city to attend a seminar on the impact of child marriages.

"In the heart of Delhi city, not a day passes without reports on young girls who are killed or raped, or on other crimes committed against women. And the Government talks about the `feel-good' factor.''

"I, for one, am certainly not feeling good about all this," she said.

Maya C.