When murals come to life...

REFLECTING THE ancient tradition of paintings from Ellora and other great sites and also the constant influence of Moghul court is "The Paintings of India'' series made by film-maker Binoy K. Behl, whose seventh film, "The Murals of Rajasthan'', will be screened at India Habitat Centre in New Delhi this coming Sunday.

Covering the rich panorama of murals in Rajasthan including Dungarpur, Udaipur, Kota, Bundi, Amber, Nagaur and Shekhawati, this and other films in the series made for Doordarshan show many sites which have never been clearly photographed before.

``In the rich and varied tapestry of the paintings of Rajasthan, we see the constant interaction and confluence of two cultures. On the one hand, there is the ancient tradition of mural paintings coming from Ellora and other great sites. The other constant influence in the murals of Rajasthan of the entire medieval period is that of the Moghul court,'' says Mr. Behl, adding that this series was the first major work that connects the tradition of a painting in India from the time of Ajanta to the present day.

Paintings that form part of the film include the hunt scene on the upper floor of the Kota Palace, exquisite sketches on the walls of Bhojanshala of Amber Palace and the fine murals of Nagaur Fort, representing the diverse styles of painting which developed in Rajasthan. "Many concepts of development of Indian painting have been altered by the massive and first-of-its kind coverage of this project,'' claims Mr. Behl.

By Our Staff Reporter