Well-deserved award

IT IS heartening to see that rewards come searching for those who work hard. Those who have been tracking the theatre scene in the city know that John T. Vekkan has been playing his part with conviction.

In fact, he was instrumental in starting the first movement in recent times to present plays on a regular basis after selling tickets for it.

The movement and repertoire of Vaikom Tirunal Nataka Kalari under him could not keep up the momentum. But then that is another issue, altogether.

He has been awarded a fellowship by the Kendra Sangeet Nataka Akademi for researching into the potential of using schemes of facial make-up as in traditional performing arts in modern theatre.

As a press release issued by the Nataka Kalari rightly said, this fellowship comes as a recognition of all the efforts put in by John T. Vekkan in theatre.

This is the fifth recognition that has come to him in his career.

It has been sometime since the Vaikom Tirunal Permanent Theatre has added a new play to their repertoire.

His last work was a major production - `Kanchana Seetha', that remained outside the limits of the Permanent Theatre.

Theatre lovers hope that Vekkan's research will not affect his creative energies.

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