Wear this silk without guilt feeling

THIS ONE is for those who believe in wearing compassionate clothing. Ahimsa silk, the latest fabric to hit the market, comes with the guarantee that what you wear retains the sheen and shine without the guilt.

Ahimsa silk has been developed by People for Animals (PFA), which has collaborated with a large number of tribal weaver groups in Assam, Gujarat, Nagaland, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttaranchal, who have been trained for the production of this kind of fabric. "Reputed designers and professionals in this field have provided the groups with the latest design inputs. This constant interactive process between weavers and designers has resulted in the production of a wide range of Ahimsa silk products, including shawls, stoles and garments. Traditional designs have been revived and adapted to current trends to cater to the new market. Production lines have been systemised to give a continuous flow of such silk. Our first large order has come from the Khadi and Village Industries Corporation, the largest retailer in the country,'' explained the former Union Minister, Maneka Gandhi, who is also spokesperson for PFA.

Speaking about the fabric, Ms. Gandhi said Ahimsa silk is cruelty free and environment friendly.

Pointing out the other advantages, she said Ahimsa silk products were three-fourth less expensive than reeled silk. They were also of better quality as the methods used by Ahimsa spun silk retains the lustre and strength of silk compared to the chemical processes used by the traditionally produced Tussar silk, which lacks shine and often has unseemly bands due to non-uniform processing.

Silk can also be made in a non-violent, eco-friendly and sustainable way. And Ahimsa silk does away with brutal practices in the silk production without compromising on quality, she explained.

By Bindu Shajan Perappadan